Playing the Fields

life can be expressed through a wonderful play of words

A Home Away From Home

Posted by kalaro28 on July 31, 2006

Let me try and post at a new home 🙂But of course, this doesn’t mean I am done and over with the old one… (which you can visit at: hala, plugging??!) Anywho, I built this to have new space to air all the random ramblings in my head. The space left for me in my other blog is slowly diminishing… Of course top of mind, I panicked! I can’t imagine losing my… how should I put it… my “glory hole” (exuse the perversion. lol.) Besides, my Blood Sis, Mich also has a blog here… So… let me join the fun.In fairness, I like the layout. I just have to get used to it first, am trying to incorporate a bit of “me” in this… Trying to figure out how I can personalize the page (besides changing my header of course.)

So, Ill try and make a few adjustments soonest.
Let’s wait and see how this blog works, what with my other blog still existing.


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