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Over ride / Over time

Posted by kalaro28 on July 31, 2006

Still in my cube (read: L-shaped cubicle, shared with a pretty Atenean named Rio, who, same as the undersigned HATES the word “desk” thus the clutter of paper, boards, envelopes and whatever have-yous atop it that will hide that damn fine ecru surface).

Fixing more stuff for the PR Seminar tomorrow, the third in a series. I thought I had everything covered, until I double-checked my check list (double-checking a checklist… weird) and there it dawned on me…

Whoah! More stuff to tinker on!

It’s already 9:54p.m. My shift officialy ended some three hours ago. But with the Format Meeting for the New Genre Unit a little before nooon today, the Cinema One “Bona Homecoming Screening,” the “PDA on 23” presscon this afternoon, the “Love Spell” presscon tomorrow at lunch time, and the PR Seminar, who has time to go home and rest?

Please do remember that dear ol’ Karen is also spending tons of her mornings (for this term, specifically MWF mornings) at the four-corners of the “Green Academe.”

So, here I am. Trying to get a well-deserved break. Munching on some stiff-skyflakes-crackers and gulping warm water…I take everything a bite and a sigh at a time.

Just wait till I finish this treat of crackers and water, and hear me chirping-chirping the beautiful, rainy night away.



4 Responses to “Over ride / Over time”

  1. Michiko said

    chirping sis? =) Kabird na kabird ha. =) Cheers sis! My deadline’s nearing na din and piles of work is, well, piling. Hehe. Kaya natin to! (Nyax! Parang line sa comml!) How do you like wordpress so far? =)

  2. kalaro said

    loves it… clean layout e. although trying to get a hang of it pa. para ma-personalize ko pa siya ng mas “kalarong-kalaro” sana i get to have time talaga. mishu sis!

  3. stayz said

    na-add na kita sa blogroll ko! hanep, thanks to mitch for my free tutorial sessions! hehe..miss you!

  4. Rose said


    If you agree to carry the calf, they’ll make you carry the cow…

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