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Sweetest Revenge

Posted by kalaro28 on August 17, 2006

So, my cell phone rings.


“Hey, Karz. Long time.”

I shift from my seat. And I feel my eyes roll instantly.

“What do you want, jerk?”

“Aww… Didn’t miss me?”

“Go to hell!” I was actually tempted to put the cell phone down on him, but I guess no matter how hard I try, he wouldn’t hear the bang. So, I opted to stay on the line and bash every stupid remark he has to say to me. So, I begin to say:

“Time did not change you one bit, eh? You’re still the same-old prick with no balls to accept the fact that a simple girl could break your heart to pieces.”

I felt victorious!

“Well, you see, Karz…”

I started to butt in, “Will you stop calling me that? I’m not your pet!”

“Why so angry? Still not over me, I guess?” he smirked. I swear I felt that stupid smirk.

“Oh please, I don’t go for bullsh*t guys with no balls and a freaky lifestyle. Besides, how can I not be over you when I was never in-love with you? What? You’re also that dumb?”


I smiled at my reply, the sweet taste of revenge. I get a small twinge of guilt but I opened the duct and let everything he did to me flow in, it was an instant adrenaline rush to continue the crush.

“So, sir. I wish you all the bad luck in this world, and I pray to God you live a long, long life. Too long, in fact. Things would have been better off without your needless lies and fantasies.”

And I put down the cell phone, happy and contented with myself. I felt a pat on my back, and I looked over my shoulder and saw myself flashing a huge smile at me.

Then I snap out of my dream.


Well, I’m posting this here for you and some people to read, Jems. I would tell this straight to your face if I wanted to hear your voice, yet, I wouldn’t inflict hell on myself with just the thought of you.

Please… go to hell. Or somewhere I can’t see you or feel your presence.

NOTICE: Please don’t judge my anger. If you knew what the whole story was, you’d think this wouldn’t do any justice.


6 Responses to “Sweetest Revenge”

  1. stayz said

    Wow.. eto ba yung nagtext ka sakin at tinatanong mo number ng renaissance hotel?

  2. kalaro said

    korek! 🙂

  3. kabbie said

    ay saws. panaginip lang pala.
    sayang, kala ko totoong pangyayari e.

  4. bianca said

    wow…now..this is soo kewl…love this “story” xD i wish i have the guts to say this to someone X(

  5. Marinkina said

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  6. Ferinannnd said

    Здравствуй! Спасибо за подаренные хорошие эмоции…

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