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Why moving on is such a great deal…

Posted by kalaro28 on September 10, 2006

He would call me beautiful when I feel ugly.
Tell me I’m sexy while playing with my bouncing bulges.
He would text me everyday…good morning, if i had eaten, ask how I am doing,
remind me to drink water.
He would carefully brush his hand against my fingers every time he wants to hold my hand.
He would swipe away the stray hair I have covering my eyes that he says he always likes to see,
He’d play with the end of my hair like it were golden strings
He would hug me when I am cold, when he is cold, when we pretend we are cold…
He’d hug me because he says he feels safe when we hug.
He would always rest his head on my chest or my armpits (yes, my armpits!) when we sleep
He’d sleep soundly every time.
He’d kiss my eyes, my big nose, my lips, my cheeks, my ears…
every body part he’d kiss full of warmth and love.
We would hold hands while he drives, always teasing me to handle the shifting.
He is there when I need him.
He’d smell my stinky fart and laugh for two whole days!
He’d kiss my sweaty armpits and make “sour faces!”
He’d spoil me rotten! But still sets limits so I can differentiate the possible things
to the pretty crazy requests.

The thing is, I can go on and on here, and everytime I write one reason, it wouldn’t be too long for me to think of another one. Simply put, I love this person. His whole essence. No ifs, buts, whys, hows… I just love him… With all of me.


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A Home Away From Home

Posted by kalaro28 on July 31, 2006

Let me try and post at a new home 🙂But of course, this doesn’t mean I am done and over with the old one… (which you can visit at: hala, plugging??!) Anywho, I built this to have new space to air all the random ramblings in my head. The space left for me in my other blog is slowly diminishing… Of course top of mind, I panicked! I can’t imagine losing my… how should I put it… my “glory hole” (exuse the perversion. lol.) Besides, my Blood Sis, Mich also has a blog here… So… let me join the fun.In fairness, I like the layout. I just have to get used to it first, am trying to incorporate a bit of “me” in this… Trying to figure out how I can personalize the page (besides changing my header of course.)

So, Ill try and make a few adjustments soonest.
Let’s wait and see how this blog works, what with my other blog still existing.

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