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Sweetest Revenge

Posted by kalaro28 on August 17, 2006

So, my cell phone rings.


“Hey, Karz. Long time.”

I shift from my seat. And I feel my eyes roll instantly.

“What do you want, jerk?”

“Aww… Didn’t miss me?”

“Go to hell!” I was actually tempted to put the cell phone down on him, but I guess no matter how hard I try, he wouldn’t hear the bang. So, I opted to stay on the line and bash every stupid remark he has to say to me. So, I begin to say:

“Time did not change you one bit, eh? You’re still the same-old prick with no balls to accept the fact that a simple girl could break your heart to pieces.”

I felt victorious!

“Well, you see, Karz…”

I started to butt in, “Will you stop calling me that? I’m not your pet!”

“Why so angry? Still not over me, I guess?” he smirked. I swear I felt that stupid smirk.

“Oh please, I don’t go for bullsh*t guys with no balls and a freaky lifestyle. Besides, how can I not be over you when I was never in-love with you? What? You’re also that dumb?”


I smiled at my reply, the sweet taste of revenge. I get a small twinge of guilt but I opened the duct and let everything he did to me flow in, it was an instant adrenaline rush to continue the crush.

“So, sir. I wish you all the bad luck in this world, and I pray to God you live a long, long life. Too long, in fact. Things would have been better off without your needless lies and fantasies.”

And I put down the cell phone, happy and contented with myself. I felt a pat on my back, and I looked over my shoulder and saw myself flashing a huge smile at me.

Then I snap out of my dream.


Well, I’m posting this here for you and some people to read, Jems. I would tell this straight to your face if I wanted to hear your voice, yet, I wouldn’t inflict hell on myself with just the thought of you.

Please… go to hell. Or somewhere I can’t see you or feel your presence.

NOTICE: Please don’t judge my anger. If you knew what the whole story was, you’d think this wouldn’t do any justice.


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