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The “Happilly Ever After” Blues

Posted by kalaro28 on August 5, 2006

Am (sub)consciously in a surge of the above-stated syndrome that the doctor in my self proclaims as my perfect prognosis. I am still up, and it is officially 3:34a.m. Don’t know if this is still the after-shock of that darn “Iced Barako Coffee” I had in Posadas around 9p.m. yesterday… The gonna-miss-JP blues… Or the can’t wait to get back to work attitude. Now the last one, that really gives my mouth a slight twist… wait…is that a….smile?? I think it’s more of a …. grin. (hehe… there goes my sarcasm). Well, back to my original premise…
My lack of interest to sleep has fondled on the thought of surfing friendster, blog and blog… and look at photos of friends… check their profiles… give random testimonials… after three hours of waiting, finally got in ym through my proxy… etc.etc. And there, I saw. My friends, classmates, acquaintances. Some married, others engaged to be married, a bunch
with babies cradled in their arms.

And I froze.

Are we really getting old? Or am I being left behind?

The stupid “let’s-all-do-it-together” musketeer theme popping and flashing like a Times Square marquee on my head – GO FOR IT. But of course, my brain cells are working overtime and over-adrenaline mode – constructing a vivid figure of a WARNING! STOP! DANGER! SLIPPERY WHEN WET! And those damn traffic signals usually ignored across the highway. I’m actually… talking to myself while looking at my reflection in the mirror.

“You think you should do it, because everyone seems to be doing it?”

“No… I just feel… left out. Like my time stalled or something.”

“What’s with the crappy thought? Get kids and a hubby if you are ready.”

Slight pause on the interrogated.

“Well, are you ready?”

*a little more thought and hesitation*

“Am willing, am psyched… but preparation-wise…zilch.”

“OK, great. Take two sleeping pills, sleep on it. then call me in the morning when you’re thinking straight.”

Geez. Maybe it is indeed the lack of sleep, acceptable dinner and lonely-nest syndrome (so motherly)talking.

Hooh. Better hit the sack in a few winks.


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