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Talking the Blogging

Posted by kalaro28 on August 3, 2006

I posted something about the pop-phenomenon of blogging in my blogdrive account which is actually new to me and my friends.

Coming to think of it, it is kind of odd actually, since I came from an AB Journalism class. One would expect everyone to be a writer of some sort who will be more than willing to exercise them brain-cells in some… humor me as I call it… pen-pushing (after a professor all worthy of praise as he is my and tin’s thesis adviser).

But well, bloggers or not, I am sure these dear classmates of mine are into a lot of “writing” activities of their own. So… whooplah!


My average rate as a Corporate PR Writer (but recently labeled as a Corporate Affairs Staff, according to my most recent contract *shudders*) would be SEVEN releases for a week, given the five-day work week that I have. Excluding letter writings, statements made occasionally, and all those other types of writing thingies (see me *shudder* again).

Blogging would actually give me a wonderful whiff of fresh air. What with all’em press releases am into for the whole week, I just need to stop SELLING/ PROMOTING/ ADVERTISING/ MARKETING something!

I just need to deal with the real world, real issues, and start to think all about me. It’s selfish-time, as it is “me-time” in my blogs.

My friends understand it, am sure. Since it’s like our easy access to each other’s lives. We are immediately updated with our what’s-going-ons and whatever-happened-queries all in one click. And it’s more than a five-liner SMS sent, and less excruciating than an hour or so of travel time just to spend more money on yummy-food that would still leave your stomach churning for more.

Well, of course, ‘tis true the cliché, “nothing beats the real thing.” But hey! What’s wrong with maximizing the sweet fruits of technology?


I’m still actually wondering why the hell am I posting blogs on… errhh… blogging. Well, so what?! Like I said, this is my “me-time” and me says, let’s talk about blogging.

NOTICE: Forgive the bitch*ness. Let us all pray for some solace and comfort on my wasted, tiring days at work.


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